University of Arkansas

UALR College of Business


Community Analysis for Economic Development

Community Assessments and Tools of the Trade

Wednesday, October 23rd
Pre-Conference Workshop
Arkansas Community Development Society Annual Conference
Conway, Arkansas
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Successful communities understand their strengths and weaknesses, and have the team who can analyze and interpret community activity.  In this workshop you will gain an understanding of the tools and techniques essential for conducting a community assessment and effectively analyzing your community’s situation for planning and development purposes.


  • Introduction
    • “Community” in economic development
    • Strategic Planning for Community Economic Development
    • Regionalism and Self-Reliance
  • Overview of Analytical Approaches
    • Community Capacity Assessment
    • Workforce Assessment
    • Economic Assessment
    • Competitive Assessment
  • Community Analysis Tools
    • Survey Research
    • Secondary Information Availability
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Information Analysis and Presentation
  • Strategic Implementation
    • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Community Organization
  • Where Can I Get Help?

For Community Analysis course information, contact:  Dr. Ron Swager  at 501.569.8519. Click here to register online.
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